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Wild at Heart

Our mission is to connect our visitors to the natural world through memorable experiences in large natural landscapes. We care for Yukon’s most vulnerable wildlife and build nature literacy through engaging programs. Join us in building communities that are wild at heart!

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Building Community that is Wild at Heart

In 2004, the Yukon Game Farm became a public facility and Yukon Wildlife Preserve Operating Society was born as a non-profit and charity.

Since then we have grown into a beloved community pillar and top-rated attraction for visitors. We offer environmental education and wildlife conservation programs year around and engage the hearts and minds of thousands of people with Yukon’s iconic wildlife every month.

We are looking for partners to join us in building community that holds our wild spaces at heart - whether it's the wilds of the Yukon or your own backyard.

We need your help to keep our communities wild at heart.

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Wild at Heart
We care for Yukon’s most vulnerable wildlife and build nature literacy through engaging programs.

Help us continue our important work in education and conservation.

Nature Literacy

In an age of growing screen-time and shrinking wild play, we provide foundational experiences in nature that will shape the next generation of environmental stewards.

Dynamic, authentic experiences with Yukon’s natural world.

Development of nature literacy through summer Nature Camps.

Multi-disciplinary, curriculum based school programming in the outdoors.

A chance for children to grow up playing in nature like the good old days.

Help us create informed voices that
speak for the natural world.
Support our educational programming.

Quick Facts

Yukon Wildlife Preserve Operating Society (YWPOS) is a registered charity and not-for-profit society. We are located on the Takhini Hot Springs Corridor just outside Whitehorse, Yukon and open year around.


visitors annually – with a local population in Whitehorse of 25,000


growth in visitation over 10 years


animals over 350 acres

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accredited members of Canada’s Accredited Zoos and Aquariums

Wildlife Conservation

We care for Yukon’s injured and orphaned wildlife to give them a second chance at life. Your sponsorship support will help us give them the best possible veterinary care – and get them back on their feet or wings!

Yukon’s only dedicated wildlife rehabilitation facility.

Specialized medical care and supplies for various species.

Warmth, shelter, peace and top-quality food during recover.

Hands-on student experience and training.

Help us care for Yukon's most vulnerable wildlife.
Support our wildlife conservation programs.
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